DIGITNOW USB Cassette Player Personal Audio Recorder Built-in Speaker, Radio Recording Cassette Tape to Digital MP3 Converter

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About this product

  • Cassette player: play, save & edit your collected tapes with USB,this retro-style music player allows you to return to the old days and relive your good memories past
  • AM/FM radio: enjoy your favorite FM and AM stations when on the go or relaxing at home or outside, it is portable and lightweight with a detachable belt clip
  • Voice recorder: one-touch recording through the built-in microphone and play by built-in speaker, recording the external voice, recording PC audio from/to cassette, or AM/FM radio to PC/cassette
  • Power: powered by USB or 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • More function: it has also auto reverse function with "DIR" button, once or infinite reverse with "REVMOOE"button in left or right


Ideal for playing your old cassette tapes. Functions include recording MP3 music of PC or MAC, external voice or the built-in radio into cassette tape, Converting cassette tape into MP3, playing cassette tapes, listening to AM/FM radio. Compact design fits into virtually any bag or large pocket. It is portable with a detachable belt clip. It can be powered from PC via USB cable or powered by 2 x AA batteries(Not included). The earphones supplied can be plugged into the 3.5mm Audio Output port which can also be used to play stereo audio over speakers or over a Hi-Fi system.

Features - Record music, radio, external voice into cassette tape - Convert cassette to MP3 - Audio cassette playback - FM/AM radio - Cassette auto reverse function, AM/FM radio on and tuning controls. - USB, Tape or Radio function option. - Integrated speakers and microphone. - Telescopic antenna for improved AM/FM radio reception.

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